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What happens if the world freezes over, would you survive the cold?

Outpost: Glacier is an open world survival crafting game, where you maintain a small Outpost in the middle of a frozen wasteland.  Scavenge, Craft, Build, Hunt, Whatever it takes to survive the cold. Explore the world and find the many secrets and locations scattered around the world. 

Outpost: Glacier is still in early alpha. Many things are still due to change. We hope you want to be part of our journey to make this game! Please share the word and help us make Outpost: Glacier the best it can be.

Want to be part of shaping this game? Join us on social medias:

Discord: https://discord.gg/XYt2AFK

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OutpostGlacier

Planned features:

  • Multiplayer
  • Free form building
  • Deeper narrative
  • More exloration and locations
  • More Customization.
  • More Crafting


Secure a future copy of the game!
The first players to find the golden statues will receive a copy of the game once it is released. 

How to participate:

Through out the Alpha we have hidden several golden statues around the game.
How to participate:

  1. Find a golden statue
  2. Take a screenshot of the statue
  3. Email the screenshot to: OutpostGlacier@gmail.com
  4. Attach the screenshot and make sure to include your Itch.io username in the mail.
  5. That's it, you are now competing for a free copy of Outpost: Glacier

The winner will be contacted on the mail address used to participate in the contest.

We will not send unsolicited messages. Your mail address will only be saved for the duration of this competition. 

We will announce the winners on our community page at Itch.io as well as by mail.

Make sure your name is part of the official draft and be wary of fake emails. 

We will never ask for your login details. 

Install instructions

1. Extract the "Outpost_Glacier"

2. Execute Outpost_Glacier.exe

3. Play


Outpost Glacier 922 MB

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