Outpost Glacier: Save your progress!

This week we've gone through a big office migration and had to postpone our updates for a couple days.

You can now save your progress!

Change Log

- Added save games, You can now continue your progress from where you last left off.

- Improved Lighting. The game looks much prettier than before with many new lighting effects. 

- Tweaked animations. Updated several player animations to give better feedback when exploring the world.

- Improved performance: The snow shader has been updated to be a bit lighter on the GPU. This will hopefully give some extra frames per second.

- Added options menu: You can now tweak the graphics to make your game run a bit smoother. This is currently only available from ingame.

- Fixed bug where the corner quest information duplicates when getting off the snowmobile.

- Fixed some first person item scaling issues when holding different items in hand.

- And more!

We are working hard on making this game as enjoyable as possible. We would love to hear your feedback!

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The difference 10 weeks can make

We have come a long way since we started.

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how can you tweak the graphics i cant

This is awesome!