Weekly Update - Emotes

This week we have been hard at work trying out new features. Many are still on the drawing board but will hopefully arrive in a future patch.

We have some new goodies in store for you anyhow as this weeks patch introduces our first emotes.

We have big plans for the comming weeks, and have new challenges in store for you!

The first community challenge Finding the golden statues will end Monday 23.59 (CET) The first five players who have found a unique statue and joined the competition will receive a free copy on release*.  There is still chance to secure a copy though, as each unique statue you send in will count as a ticket in a give away raffle. Go out adventuring! 

*The winners will be contacted through the same mail they used to apply. Only one copy will be rewarded per user.

Patch notes:

Added dances emotes! - We have added two new ways to express yourself with a pair of very fashionable dances. Show of your moves in this weeks patch. This serves as a base for us to introduce new ways for players to express themselves. There will be more to come!

Improved save stability - We rolled out save games in our last patch. As many have noticed they were a bit.. Unpredictable...
This week we have fixed alot of missing wires and resources.

New player animations- We have added several animations to make the character look more immersed in the world.

Creative mode - We have opened up a creative mode available from the main menu | Press escape in game and check creative mode to activate. It will give you unlimited resources allowing you to build freely.

Bug fixes - The most important bug was the save system not saving everything properly.

Updated the main menu

Various model updates and fixes.


Here is a teaser for what we are currently working on, can you guess what it is?

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