Weekly update 14/2-2020

Patch notes 14/2-2020

Keybindings - You can now keybind what buttons you want to use for playing.

Saving system WIP - It is still work in progress but it is a little more stable than earlier versions.

New 3d printer - We have implemented a new mesh and animation for the 3dprinter, please tell us what you think!

New Furnace - The furnace has gotten a new mesh.

New moving machine animation - We have implemented a new animation for when moving around machines.

Reworked the cable system - We have tweaked the physics for the cables and they can now be disconnected on the cable instead of the outlet.

Tower marker in the compass - We have added a tower marker in the compass so the player can always find their way back to the outpost.

Updated quest descriptions - We have updated the lore description in the quest log and also the name of the objectives.

Can craft steel and stronginium bars - You can now craft steel bar in furnace by combining iron bar and carbon. For stronginium, combine stronginium ore with steel bar.

Creative mode UX - When unlocking creative mode all crafting recipes says free instead of required ingredients.

Optimization - We have optimized both programming and graphical to give you a smoother experience. More optimizations will be done in future patches.

Lootscanner locking bug - We have fixed so that the player can no longer lock themselves in the tutorial by crafting the lootscanner before the quest is active. If you already crafted it, just scan to complete the quest.

Crafting queue bug - Fixed a bug where the 3d printer didn’t return the correct items that had been queued.

Crafting update bug - Fixed a bug where the inventory didn’t update when player got items from the 3d printer and had to close and reopen inventory to see it.

Interface bug - Fixed a bug where after interacting with the tower upgrade window, the player couldn’t interact in inventory, 3dprinter and fabricator.

Loot in tower bug - Fixed a bug where loot spawned inside the tower.

Tower upgrade bug - Fixed so that the upgrade window show the correct items needed for upgrading to the next tier.

Upgrade save bug - Fixed a bug where if the player upgraded the tower, saved and loaded the saved game, the heatzone was back to tier 1.

Snowmobile location bug - Fixed a bug where the snowmobile location didn’t get saved so it always respawned at the other tower when loading a saved game.

Jellyberry bush scared of snowmobile - Fixed a bug where planted jellyberry bushes instantly dissappeared when the player drove the snowmobile into them

And a lot of small bugfixes

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Olsson, I would like to propose a Tech Tree idea. Have you anticipated using a Tech Tree? If I may, I would like to work with one of your team members on that idea. I am a long time programmer. And, I really like how Empyrion: Galactic game does their Tech Tree. You already have a good start on it with your Research Machine. I would just like to plan out a full path of tech from most primitive to advanced. The project is now so new, this area has not been revealed yet. It would be my pleasure to help a bit in this area as I have good experience in this subject.

Please make a way to find more Blueprint tokens. I have found a box over in the far north field that had 1 token. Are there more? Could you make a way for us to craft more? There is so many researchable items. We need more tokens.

Hello Zorlon!

Right now the blueprints are not respawning, but we'll include that in the next patch! :)

The new design and funtionality of the 3D printer is much  appreciated. It works perfectly now. I was always dropping items under it when crafting. On that note: could you keep items from dropping once the player has his cursor over the shaded part where the boxes are? Don't allow the item to be released if we are trying to place an item in a spot being hovered over. That is annoying.

I don't quite understand what you mean, can you please clarify?

Thank you for the awesome feedback by the way!

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The idea I was trying for is program the user action so that I don't drop an item I'm trying to move to another square box that holds stuff. If I release the mouse button to let the item rest in the box, and it doesn't align with the magic alignment and hold, it falls to the ground. Don't allow that to happen.  Don't release the item being moved until it snaps into place. Make the area sensitive snap-to larger so it catches into the box easier. Stuff is falling if I don't quite mate with the box. That is simply a snap-to area sensitivity issue. Hope that helps. Try it yourself. As it is, it is way too easy to miss the box and let the item fall to the ground.

All right I understand, happens all the time for me too. We will definitely fix that in a future update.

Hello game after start freez and cant do anything just alt+F4 tried several times but nothing  :( can u help me ? Thanks my SYST I3 16G ram 2G video card all new games works perfectly but win7 64bit serv pack 1

Outpost Glacier not working 


Have you tried to reinstall the game (downloading it again)?

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yea i tried but the same  problem i tried to reinstal direct x and vcredist all versions but mothing helped :(