Weekly update 21/2-2020

Patch notes 21/2-2020

Updated Furnace - The furnace has gotten a new mesh and animations. 

Updated Pylon - The pylon got a new mesh and animations as well.

Survival stats WIP - We have implemented survival stats such as hunger, thirst, health and bodyheat. There is still playtesting on this and changes may happen in future updates.

Survival items - It would be kind of evil if we implemented survival stats without any items to affect it so we put in some items to help with that. Snow helps against thirst, jellyberry and meat for hunger, bandages for health, and heatpacks for bodyheat.

Lootscanner WIP - We continue to experiment with the lootscanner and a new highlight for discovered loot has been added.

Sound guy joined the team - We got a new member in the team that will focus on sound and music in the game. Right now we are in the concepting phase but you can expect to see sound and music coming in future updates.

Upgrade window bug - Fixed a bug where the player got stuck in the upgrade window to tower.

“Find Smelter” objective bug - Fixed a bug where the “Find smelter” objective didn’t complete when the player found the smelter.

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Just downloaded and started a new game - with iron bars in inventory click upgrade power tower - takes the iron but doesn't upgrade.

Update 2/27 - started a new game and was able to upgrade the tower early on.  After playing for about 3 hours, tried to upgrade to steel level, and ran into the same glitch - takes the bars from inv, says it upgrades the tower, but the tower GUI doesn't advance and the melted snow circle doesn't enlarge.

Another unrelated issue - instead of "breaking" the pickaxes just disappear, sometimes quickly - made a new steel pickaxe - mined 1 strongium node, axe was gone. 

Thanks for reply

Another Prob.

Upgrade Pylon to next level, screen says, 10 metal required, Have 20 in backpack and 15 in quickslot, it tells me I need 10 metal? and does not upgrade.

We'll look into it! Thanks for reporting it!

Still no update for storage lockers, when anything is put in extra lockers after logout everything vanishes in NEW lockers.

We will fix that for the next update :)

Are you playing on an old save?

About a week old, I will start again and see what happens.


That's why! Try playing on a new save.