Weekly update 28/2-2020

Patch notes 28/2-2020

Customer support and bug tracker - We have fixed a website where you can get help with problems and a new bug tracker. In the next patch we will also release so that you can access our bug tracking overview and see what bugs are currently being worked at.

Stats kills more slowly - We have adjusted so that when your thirst, hunger and heat get to 0 that the damage you take increases overtime so you have time to react.

Healing station heals now - Fixed so that the healing station heals the player when in the healing zone.

Cooker now cooks more things - Added more things that can be cooked in the cooker.

Grinder now grinds - Grinder can now grind down tools and give base resources in return.

Tooltip and icon update - We have updated the tooltip and icon on a lot of items in the game. Please tell us if there is any we have missed.

Running will now generate heat - Implemented so that the player will generate a little heat when running but will become thirsty and hungry faster in exchange.

Machines automatically gives items - We changed so that the smelter, cooker and the grinder works similarly to 3dprinter and gives completed items when the player approaches them.

Survival stats save bug - Fixed a bug where the survival stats didn’t get saved when saving the game.

Pickaxe durability bug - Fixed a bug where the pickaxe when crafted started with some of its durability gone.

Durability back online - We have reenabled durability on pickaxe and axe. Please tell us if you find any remaining bugs on them

Max queue bug - Fixed a bug where queuing more than 8 items in the 3d printer still used up items but didn’t queue the items.

Dead walrus attacking - Fixed a bug where the walrus kept damaging the player after they have died.

Upgrading tower error - Fixed a bug  where sometimes the game didn’t register the player upgrading the tower.

Fabricator queue - Fixed a bug where the queue from the 3d printer was shown in the fabricator

Crafting amount bug - Fixed a bug that occured when queueing iron bolts after something only yielded 1 iron bolt instead of 4.

Deposits doesn’t dissappear - Fixed a bug where the deposits didn’t dissappear after being mined.

Furnace animation bug - Fixed a bug where the furnace skipped the startup animation if it had things to smelt when connected.

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