Weekly Update 6/3-2020

Patch notes 6/3-2020

This week we have done a lot of company paperwork so this patch is a little lighter than our previous patches.

Changes to our patch system - We have decided that we are going to release patches every second week instead of every week. We felt that a lot of our work couldn’t be completed within one week and releasing patches every week disrupted our workflow.

New Fabricator - We have made a new model for the fabricator machine and created new unique animations for it.

Crafting snowmobile dissappear bug - Fixed a bug where if the player crafts the snowmobile it just dissappeared when it was completed.

Access 3dprinter without power bug - Fixed a bug where the player could access the 3D printer even when it was not connected to a powersource

Connect cable to 3d printer quest bug - Fixed a bug where if the player connected a cable to the 3d printer before they got the quest for it they couldn’t progress further. Accessing the 3D printer now automatically completes that quest

Pausing and unpausing removed the cursor bug - Fixed a bug where if the player were pausing and unpausing the cursor dissappeared.

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Still loosing anything saved in self crafted storage boxes, anything in boxes vanish on save, when reloaded ziltch, makes playing atm not worth it.

Hi are you playing on the latest version? 

I started a new game, or do you mean re download the game?

Yea, in The top right corner in the game it says which version it is.