The Black Rose theme available for free download

Stuck in a loop?
Jazz it up with the Black Rose Bar Theme - Red Rose Boogie.  Now available for free download over at Soundcloud.*

All music and sound effects were produced by the talented John Walden, specifically for The Black Rose game project.

Are you unfamiliar with The Black Rose?
The Black Rose is a FREE first person, psychological horror experience. You are invited out on a date to the Black Rose bar, however once inside you may discover something are not what they seem. Explore the nature of the Black Rose and venture deep into its belly. Interact with objects and find hidden notes left behind in order to discover the dark truth; the further in you go, the more secrets you will uncover. You are not as innocent as you may think... Download and play today!

Check out John Waldens other work:

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Question: does it has jumpscares or is it only the very very creepy vibe? 

(asking for a friend........ T_T)

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We don't want to spoil too much. It might or might not, only one way to find out UMR :) //Vincent